Flexibility is currency in the new working world. Organizations and employees alike are eager to capitalize on the opportunities offered by technological advancements and shifts in working culture. We are witnessing a significant evolution in the types of work people do, where and how work gets done, as work moves beyond traditional paradigms.

Nine-to-five, bricks and mortar employment models exist within known legal frameworks, but embracing new ways of working means uncertainty — transformative decisions raise legal questions without obvious answers, and the blindspots associated with complex employment, tax, data, cybersecurity, IP and compliance issues can leave organizations vulnerable to challenge by authorities, employees and other stakeholders.

But flexibility and the law are not mutually exclusive. We help organizations confidently build their flexible future. For more information on how we can help, download our brochure.

Why Baker McKenzie

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Created for workforce redesign   Flexibility at scale    Advisors to trailblazers

We have one of the deepest and strongest employment practices of any global law firm, coupled with world-class expertise in tax, compliance and investigations, cybersecurity, IP and litigation — connected legal advice for workforce redesign. 


Because we are not only present but deeply embedded in 45+ markets around the world, we find the synergies that make flexibility possible at scale and across borders. 

  We are advisors to the companies shaping the future of work, including cutting-edge technology players and pioneers of modern working practices. By sharing this knowledge, we help clients confidently plan for what's coming next — formulating answers, not raising more questions.  

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